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Huawei considers making a smartwatch that stores a pair of wireless earbuds

Huawei has patented a smartwatch that comes with a set of built-in Bluetooth earbuds, as spotted by LetsGoDigital. While we don’t know many details about the Huawei Watch 3, including a release date, the patent indicates that the company is considering different ways to store a pair of wireless earbuds inside a smartwatch.

The patent details a few ways the earbuds could be stored: through a capsule with a spring mechanism that opens and shuts with a snap, or magnetically attached and stored in the watch band itself. The wireless, water resistant earbuds would also have active noise canceling. It would provide a way to answer calls and adjust the volume without flipping your wrist.
Image: Huawei via LetsGoDigital

The patent was approved on June 28th by the World Intellectual Property Organization and it might give us a hint of what to expect for the Huawei Watch 3. (Huawei’s last smartwatch came out last year and received subpar reviews, notably with criticisms around its bug-ridden software and poor battery life.)

As with all patents, there’s a chance this feature could never appear in the market. Huawei was also approved for a gaming smartwatch patent in May, so it appears the company is considering many different possibilities.
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