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Windows 10 Fluent Design Done Right in New Concept

With Fluent Design, Microsoft plans to substantially revamp the interface and usability of Windows 10, making both the operating system and the installed apps feel more modern.

And while the Fluent Design implementation in Windows 10 has evolved at a slow pace since the official announcement, concepts making the rounds every once in a while imagine a more prominent facelift, truly changing the way apps look on the operating system.

This is the case of a new concept published on reddit by user jwhite40, who envisioned what the Spotify app could look like with a correct Fluent Design implementation.

Leaving aside the chances to see this going live, or at least to see Spotify a bit more committed to updating its Windows 10 app the way it should, the concept does highlight the key Fluent Design elements, including the acrylic effect that’s supposed to let users peek at the desktop.

Redstone 5
Of course, the way the concept looks is more of a subjective decision, but at first glance, it does align with what Microsoft plans to do in Windows 10. There still are things to refine, such as the large space in the right panel just above the Browse section, which reduces the available screen estate for no reason, but given the skilled designers at Microsoft and Spotify, this really shouldn’t be a problem.

A revised concept version features even more improvements based on feedback, and needless to say, this is an approach that Microsoft should use too.

Fluent Design is work in progress at Microsoft, and the company is gradually bringing this visual makeover to its operating system. The next major update for Windows 10 is Redstone 5, which is planned for release in the fall of this year most likely with more cosmetic improvements for both the OS and apps.

Time will tell if Microsoft indeed plans to go this way and make Windows 10 look anything similar to this, but sooner or later, the Fluent Design facelift should really gain a faster pace.

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