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U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution to offer 'international protection' to Palestinians

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley vetoed a resolution Friday that would have offered "international protection" for Palestinian civilians.

Kuwait introduced the resolution to the U.N. Security Council as a response to recent violent escalations between Palestinians and Israeli security forces on the Gaza Strip.

Haley called the resolution "grossly one-sided" and said it failed to place blame on Hamas for provoking the deadly protests.

"It is resolutions like this one that undermine the U.N.'s credibility in dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," Haley said. "Because this resolution is wildly inaccurate in its characterization of recent events in Gaza, and because it would harm any efforts towards peace, the United States will oppose it and will veto it if necessary."

Haley also said the resolution proves the U.N.'s anti-Israel bias.

"It is now completely clear that the U.N. is hopelessly biased against Israel," she said.

Because the United States is one of five permanent U.N. Security Council members with veto power, the sole "no" vote defeated the measure. Ten members voted in favor of the resolution and four abstained.

Another failed resolution on Friday was one drafted by U.S. officials condemning Hamas for the violence in Gaza. Haley's was the only vote in favor; three members voted against it and 11 abstained.

Since the conflict began in March, more than 120 Palestinians have been killed at the Gaza Strip. Israeli officials say they have a right to defend the border during Palestinian protests at the fence that separates Gaza and Israel.
By Susan McFarland

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