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The Fappening (2018): Nude Photos of New York Giants’ Avery Moss Leaked

This isn’t the typical Fappening leak, but once again X-rated content was posted online after hackers managed to obtain access to the accounts of a celebrity.

The one whose social accounts were compromised is this time none other than New York Giants defensive end Avery Moss. Several photos and videos were published on Twitter on Monday by hackers, according to a report from ESPN, before even the NFL security stepped in to resolve the problem.

The hackers blocked all accounts that Moss was following, but the content was removed in approximately 30 minutes after being published.

Very little is known about how the adult material was stolen, but the cited source says that other social accounts of the American football outside linebacker were compromised as well, including his Instagram profile. Most likely, he was using the same password for all his accounts, though this information hasn’t been confirmed just yet.
"Instagram account hacked"
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On June 1, Avery Moss tweeted a message suggesting that his Instagram account indeed got breached.

“Since my Instagram got hacked guess I gotta learn how to use Twitter now,” he posted without providing any other specifics.

In the past, most of the accounts that were compromised as part of the Fappening saga relied on iCloud accounts whose credentials were stolen with phishing scams. After hackers obtained access to celebrities’ accounts, they logged in and extracted the content stored in the cloud, which in many cases included adult photos and videos shot with iPhones and then uploaded to iCloud for backing up purposes.

Many of these celebrities reported the breaches to the police, but at this point it’s not known if Moss is also reaching out to law enforcement to investigate the hack. The content has already been removed, but there’s a chance it would soon be posted on other mirrors known for spreading Fappening content.

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