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Son who fatally stabbed father found not guilty of murder

A man who fatally stabbed his father has been found not guilty of murder by a jury at the High Court in Auckland this afternoon.

The jury deliberated for only a few hours before coming back with the verdict.

The son wept as the verdicts came down and had to leave court after hugging his partner and child.

Justice Duffy told the jurors she had not experienced the level of emotion as had been on display in this trial.

The Crown had said the son was guilty of murder but defence lawyers said he was acting in self-defence when he stabbed his father six times.

Suppression orders prevent RNZ from identifying either.

The court heard evidence the deceased had subjected his family to years of violence. On the day he died he beat his wife.

Later that night he was locked out of the house, kicking at the door and trying to put his hand in the windows.

The family believed he had left the property and the son went to investigate, taking a knife.

But the father was on the deck and a scuffle broke out, during which the son fatally stabbed his father.

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