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Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Embedded into the Screen All but Confirmed

Samsung’s next-generation S flagship is extremely likely to come with a fingerprint sensor embedded into the screen, as the parent company has finally confirmed this plan in a meeting with industry partners.

At least, this is what a report from ET News indicates, suggesting that Samsung finalized the technology and told the companies that it’s working with that the S10 could come with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display.

What’s also very interesting is that this sensor won’t be built in-house by Samsung itself, a plan that the company was believed to be very keen on, but instead will be manufactured by Qualcomm, a name that has until now been rarely associated with fingerprint readers. The ultrasonic display-based sensor will be specifically built for the S10, but other high-end phones could get it too.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Samsung could bring this new technology to the market on the Galaxy Note 9, a model projected to see daylight in late summer. But if this report is true, the company plans to hold it back until the debut of the S10, which according to the typical release schedule of the South Korean OEM, should be introduced in early 2019.

Anniversary model
Samsung Galaxy S10 will mark the 10th generation of this particular model, and this could be one of the reasons the parent firm wants to bring the fingerprint sensor to the market with its release.

The device itself should be a major overhaul of the current-generation Galaxy S, which itself has been rather criticized for the lack of changes versus its predecessor.

Whether this new plan will be finalized still remains to be seen, but the closer we get to the launch of Samsung’s new smartphones, the more rumors that a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen is on its way. Apple is also said to be exploring such technology, though in this case, facial recognition seems to receive much more attention for future iPhones.

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