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Pixel 3 XL to Feature 6.2 Inch Display with Notch, Leak Reveals

New information has surfaced regarding Pixel 3

The new Pixel 3 line-up has yet to be announced, but information about it surfaces all the time. Now, it looks like we have a good indication regarding the size of the displays, and it’s not all that surprising.

Google is undoubtedly building a couple of new Pixel 3 phones, but for now, we only have to rely on rumors if we want to know more about them. And they are arriving really slowly. First, there was a glimpse at the display frame, and then we got some info regarding the SoC being used.

In any case, one thing is sure, or at least seems to be sure. The upcoming Pixel 3 XL phone is going to have a notch. To be fair, Google has yet to say anything about it, and there is always a chance that the leakers are wrong.
"Bigger display means bigger notch?"

Famous leaker Steve H. said on Twitter that according to his sources the upcoming Pixel 3 XL will have a 6.2-inch display, and the regular Pixel 3 version will feature a 5.3-inch display. Of course, the XL variant will have a notch.

The problem is that phone makers can’t avoid the notch, even if it’s an ugly and inelegant solution. There is simply no way to hide in the display the camera and the speaker, or at least not yet. When that’s going to be possible the notch is going to be out quicker than it was adopted.

Until then, it looks like the Pixel 3 XL is .2 inches larger than the previous generation, but it also has a smaller bezel and a bigger screen. All in all, the result is going to be a device that looks much bigger but also gets twice the hate.

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