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Microsoft Considering Surface Pen That You’ll Never Have to Recharge

Microsoft is exploring ideas for a new Surface Pen that would never need recharging, as the device would incorporate a new technology to automatically harvest power from the Surface display.

While this sounds like a super-futuristic approach, Microsoft’s new feature is actually based on a very simple, yet clever, idea.

The Surface Pen would use solar cells to collect the light generated by the display of the device it’s paired with and then convert it to energy that recharges its built-in battery.

The design that Microsoft describes in the patent uses the solar cells inside the pen, with the company explaining that the light of the screen is much more effective for recharging batteries than the natural one.

“The stylus collects light during interaction with the touchscreen, while the stylus is in close proximity to the touchscreen. Due to the close proximity of the stylus to the touchscreen during harvesting, the intensity of light that is collected from the electronic display is significantly higher than intensity from ambient lighting in a room or from outdoor lighting,” the patent reads (via DT).

Similar design, more tech inside
If the solar panels are indeed installed on the inside of the device, the Surface Pen wouldn’t suffer too many changes in terms of looks, instead remaining similar to the existing models.

But as with everything still in the patent stage, it’s better to take this as an idea that’s still in the works, and certainly not as a guarantee that Microsoft wants to begin production of the device.

New Surface models could go live later this year, possibly in the fall, with people close to the matter saying that a more affordable version might be launched as well with an ARM. This project might help the software giant pioneer the work it does in the Windows 10 on ARM front, a platform that until now is growing thanks to Microsoft partners exclusively.


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