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Google Outs Chrome OS 67 to Fix Spectre V2 on ARM Chromebooks, Add New Features

Google has released a new stable version of its Chrome OS operating system for Chromebooks to introduce several new features the company was working on for some time now, as well as to fix critical security issues.

Chrome OS 67.0.3396.78 (platform version: 10575.54.0) is now the new stable version of the Chromebook operating system, and it's now rolling out for most Chrome OS devices. This release adds several new features worth mentioning, such as split-screen support in Tablet mode, touchable material 2.0 design for tablet Chromebooks, and detachable base swap detection.

Additionally, the Chrome OS 67 release allows for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to be installed as standalone apps, finally extends Chrome's page zoom functionality to Google Play Apps, adds inline touchable folders in the Launcher, Android Debug Bridge support over USB in the Developer mode, as well as an improved, cleaner Bluetooth list.

Other noteworthy changes include a visual update for EXT4 file system migration, feedback reports now appear on the sign-in screen, Power menu shortcuts are now displayed when holding the power button, and there's now support for archiving files as ZIP on the drive via the Files app. A new Select-to-Speak function was added as well allowing users to select specific text to be read aloud.
"Site Isolation roll out continues, Spectre Variant 2 fixes for ARM Chromebooks"

Apart from the new features and improvements mentioned above, the Chrome OS 67 release continues Google's Site Isolation security feature roll out for more Chromebooks to offer users additional protection against various security bugs, and fixes the Spectre Variant 2 (CVE-2017-5715) security vulnerability for ARM Chromebooks running the Linux 4.4 kernel series.

As mentioned before, Chrome OS 67.0.3396.78 (Platform version: 10575.54.0) has started rolling out for most Chromebooks, so you should get the update in the coming days. To check your Chromebook for updates and install the new version, open Chrome Settings and go to the About Chrome OS section. The update will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device.

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