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Couple win $5M lottery jackpot while trying to make change

A New York couple won a $5 million jackpot when they bought a lottery ticket just to get change for a $100 bill.

Bronx residents William Williams, 24, and Michelle Concepcion, 25, told New York Lottery officials they bought the $5Million Fortune Lottery ticket for $20 from C&N Liquor in the Bronx because they needed to make change for a $100 bill.

"I needed to make change to buy some perfume, so I bought a Lottery ticket," Williams said. "I chose the $5Million Fortune ticket because I won $700 on it in the past."

Williams said he was shocked when he scratched off the lucky ticket.

"When I realized I won and ran out and told Michelle immediately," he said.

The couple said they are planning to use their money to help out family members and open a motor bike shop.

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