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Bizarre hotel parking accident leaves Porsche crushed under car

A bizarre car crash in the Sydney CBD left a man trapped inside a Porsche Carrera after the parked car was mounted by a Subaru early this morning.

The incident happened outside the Hyatt Regency Sydney hotel, in the city's CBD.

A man had to be rescued from the Porsche after it was trapped inside, with the Subaru sitting on top of the black Carrera.

It all happened when a valet was trying to park the Porsche. He was not injured in the incident, the hotel's director of sales and marketing, Matthew Talbot, confirmed this.

"Luckily the car underneath had a soft top, so [emergency services] were able to cut open that soft canopy and [they] got our driver out of there," Talbot said.

He was offered the rest of the day off and the hotel is investigating what caused the incident.

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