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Apple’s iPhone SE 2 Will Have a Smaller, Cuter Notch

Leak shows Apple planning smaller notch on new iPhone SE

Apple will launch four different iPhone models this year, as in addition to the trio comprising the 2018 generation, a new 4-inch model is projected to see daylight as well.

Often referred to as iPhone SE 2, this smaller iPhone is expected to borrow several design cues from last year’s iPhone X, including the edge-to-edge display and the notch at the top of the screen.

A recent leak revealing what is believed to be the screen protector built for the second-generation iPhone SE next to the one for the iPhone X indicates changes that Apple might be making to the notch, in their turn forcing further feature modifications on the device as well.

By the looks of things, the two models will sport a similar design, but the iPhone SE 2 will come with a smaller notch. While this does make sense since the notch reflects the overall size of the screen, a smaller notch could be a sign that the device might in the end lack a key feature.
"Smaller notch coming to all iPhones?"

Unless Apple has managed to make its Face ID components smaller to make them fit the mini notch, there’s a good chance the second-generation iPhone SE launches without facial recognition. But here comes another question: if the device launches without Face ID, but still features an edge-to-edge screen, what’s the unlocking method that Apple plans to use?

There’s also a chance that this leak isn’t entirely accurate or Apple indeed managed to make Face ID modules smaller, and this latter scenario paves the way for a smaller notch on future iPhones as well.

As for the release date of the new 4-inch iPhone, there’ve been a lot of rumors in this regard. Apple was originally said to be planning a spring 2018 launch, but recent speculation indicated that the company was looking into a WWDC unveiling.

With the developer conference particularly focused on software, there’s a good chance the iPhone SE 2 would eventually make it to the market together with the new iPhone models in the fall of the year.

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