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'Are people crazy?': 'Extreme cut out jeans' go on sale for $239

At what point is your clothing not really clothing anymore?

It's possible we have now reached that point.

A Los Angeles fashion brand has just launched what it calls "extreme cut out" jeans, retailing for a mere NZ$239 a pair.

The brand, Carmar, describes itself as "a premium denim brand catered to the free-spirited generation of today".

The free-spirited generation better wear some tights under that or it might get a bit cold.

"These fabrications entice the carefree attitude of the Carmar girl who always looks for style and comfort," the brand says on its website.

"The Carmar brand takes denim to the next level."

Carmar goes on to describe the "extreme low cut" jean as a "relax fit, high-rise pant with large statement cut-outs on front and back".

People have been sharing photos of the jeans online on Imgur, saying "millennial hipsters are now invading the fashion industry".

The jeans are available to NZ customers on, with free shipping.

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