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Celebuzz’d 30: Kim Kardashian Is Human, Not Plastic

Contrary to popular belief, Kim Kardashian is a human being; not a product at your disposal.

The suggestion that She Who Broke the Internet should have had her life taken when she was robbed at gunpoint is not only deplorable but contradictory of itself, depending on who’s doing the arguing. In case you missed it, the argument arose that Kardashian’s tendency to overshare willed her to an attack by someone at some point in her career. Certain members of the internet scraped the bottom of the barrel by tweeting that her demise would have been a public service that would clear her and her family from our social media feeds forever, not unlike the house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of OzThe paradox is that these very trolls are the ones who can’t stop talking about her.
An obvious response to their theory is one of ethics: Nobody deserves to die, no matter how frequently stories about them appear in your news feed. However, the follow-up question as to why such a barbaric proposal about another human being’s life exists in any space, whether it’s digital or physical, warrants a bit of exploration into modern society where celebrities are dehumanized into plastic figurines that can be crumbled with two hands; where their accessibility through social media grants us false access to judge and want.
In this episode of the Celebuzz’d podcast, Celebuzz staffers Mia Lardiere, Matt Russoniello, and Jelani Addams-Rosa explore this mentality that surrounds Kardashian’s case that Russoniello succinctly describes as a “cultural brain wrinkle” where fans feel entitled to request information or actions from their favorite stars because they support their brand or artistry. Additionally, we question whether Justin Bieber’s decision to cancel his concert meet-and-greets is rational as the physical safety of our favorite public figures has been compromised, time and again, by obsessive “supporters” and “pranksters.”
Listen to the new episode in the SoundCloud player below.

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