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Report: Prince Traveled Miles to Pick Up Painkillers Hours Before Death

A new report says Prince drove six miles out of his way to pick up prescription pills the night before his death.
According to TMZ, the singer reportedly passed by eight pharmacies near his estate, Paisley Park, to find a fresh one six miles away in Minnetonka, in what looks like a way to cover up a paper trail for trying to fill his many prescriptions. A pharmacy will usually send up a red flag if a patient visits to often.
Prince’s family members expressed their concern to TMZ that he was using aliases and multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions. He reportedly visited various Walgreens pharmacies in Minneapolis four times in the week leading up to his death on April 21.
An autopsy has been performed, but the results will not be available for at least three to four weeks.
Meanwhile, a family battle seems to be brewing over the singer’s estate since he didn’t leave a will. Prince’s sister, Tyka, stormed out of a meeting last week when things turned sour.

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