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Kelly Ripa: She May Break Tradition & Choose A Woman As Co-Host

Girl power may once again reign supreme in daytime television! After the shocking exit announcement of Michael Strahan from ‘Live with Kelly and Michael,’ Kelly Ripa is in need of a new co-host — and it just might be a woman!

Live with Kelly and Michael is in need of a major facelift. Since the news of Michael Strahan‘s, 44, exit was announced, everyone has been speculating about who will be Kelly Ripa‘s, 45, new co-host come fall. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that they just might break tradition and bring in a woman! Here’s what we know!
The last week has been a crazy one for Kelly to say the least. Now that the storm has passed, one thing is for sure — Kelly needs a co-host. The door is even open for a female co-host to take the reigns, which has never happened on Live before. “They are going to treat this as a process that might take a minute to settle into before any decision is made,” the source tells us. “They are not anywhere near a replacement decision and they even are considering having another woman join the show. All options are wide open!” Amazing!
Although some very famous names have been thrown in the ring — Anderson Cooper, 48, Neil Patrick Harris, 42,  and Jerry O’Connell, 42, to name a few — Kelly may be opting to go a whole different route. After all, she has some major leverage to wield at this point, and she’s probably going to use it to set her show up for lots of success in the future, and another female host could definitely be the trick.
“As much fun and respect as she has for Jerry and Anderson they probably will not be the pick for the permanent substitute. The show has worked for a long time because they have found chemistry that is through the roof with the various hosts of ‘Live’ and they want to make sure that the fans of the show accept the decision as well,” the source continued to EXCLUSIVELY to
Mind blown! While everybody is worried about whether it would be Anderson or Jerry, she might be going with someone like Beyoncé for all we know. Lemonade, anyone? But I digress. It would be interesting to see the shift the show would take if it were two women co-hosting.
This summer will be an intriguing one for Live, and Kelly is in a better spot than ever before to launch this show into a whole new stratosphere. Who knows, maybe this is the year it becomes Live with Kelly. That has a nice ring to it!
What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kelly go with a female co-host? Tell us your thoughts below!

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