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Amy Schumer Says No More Fan Selfies After Intrusive Man Scares Her

“I was saying stop and no.”
Amy Schumer had a scary encounter with a fan and now she doesn’t want to take photos with them anymore.
While in Greenville, South Carolina for her comedy tour on Saturday, Schumer explained in an Instagram post that a man, who was with his daughter, ran up to her to take a selfie and “scared the sh*t” out of her.
She wrote that he “put a camera in my face. I asked him to stop and he said ‘No it’s America and we paid for you.’ I was saying stop and no. Great message to your kid. Yes legally you are allowed to take a picture of me. But I was asking you to stop and saying no.”
Schumer concluded. “I will not take [pictures] with people anymore and it’s because of this dude in Greenville.”
Besides this snafu, Schumer really liked being in Greenville. “Greenville makes you feel like mmmmmmm,” she wrote.
Greenville makes you feel like mmmmmmm
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Schumer told People in a statement, “I am grateful to people who like my work and support me but not the ones who think that behavior is ok.”
The fan, whose real name Leslie Brewer, spoke with Fox Carolina and told a different story. He said he saw the comedian on the street and “pulled out his camera to Instagram it, but stopped recording when she asked,” and that the comedian  was “rude” and cursed him out while his family watched.

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