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5 Facts You Should Know About Unconventional Artist, Sky Ferreira

Indie musicians have something remarkably unique about them — maybe it’s because they don’t have to fit into the conventions of mainstream profiles, and Sky Ferreira is no exception.
The California native has been in the music industry since 2009, when she got a contract signed with Parlophone record label. She was first discovered by producers Bloodshy & Avant through MySpace, where she was uploading videos of her original music. Ferreira released two EP’s, As If! in 2011, and Ghost in 2012, before she released her first studio album, Night Time, My Time in 2013. The eccentric singer began gaining momentum through her single, “Everything is Embarrassing“, from her second EP, which received critical acclaim, including a New York Times review that said it was “one of the year’s unlikely pop gems”. With the success of the single, Capitol Records suggested making an accompanying music video with no budget, which you can see below.
As she rises through the ranks of Hollywood, Ferreira has kept herself busy, touring with well-known musicians, becoming the face of a high-end fashion house, and working her way into the film industry. While the “I Blame Myself” singer remains an unorthodox presence on social media, she takes her craft seriously, making her one of the coolest indie artists to pay attention to. Ferreira entices vintage vibes from various music genres that most people can appreciate, so if you’re interested in knowing why you should be giving Ferreira a listen, check out five fun facts about her below!

She Toured with Miley Cyrus

For her Bangerz tour, Miley Cyrus asked Ferreira if she wanted to be one of the opening acts for her concerts. Thanks to Miley’s help, Ferreira was able to gain wider recognition.
Vegas with @MileyCyrus & @iconapop
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Michael Jackson Personally Got Her Connected with Music

Ferreira’s grandmother was Michael Jackson’s personal hair stylist and friend for over 30 years. The pop artist recently told People magazine that he would ask her to sing for him when she was a little girl. She recalls him asking her to sing gospel and opera music for him, she even performed a Britney Spears song for him once. Jackson even went as far as convincing Ferreira’s grandmother to enroll her in opera lessons. “He was one of the main people who really helped me and showed me so many things. I wouldn’t necessarily say he was a mentor, because that’s a big word to put on someone like that – but he really did influence me in such a big way, and was such a lovely person,” Ferreira said.

She Has a Crush on Kristen Stewart

Ferreira is very vocal with the people she admires in Hollywood, and Kristen Stewart seems to be one of them. Stewart has made several appearances on Ferreira’s Instagram, including the photo above. Stewart has reciprocated her feelings for Ferreira, mentioning the love she has for her in the interview below.

She’s a Model

CREDIT: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images
With her wide hazel eyes, pouty lips, and defined jaw, Ferreira has been used for her physical attributes by many brands. With only a 5’6″ height, the pop singer is represented by IMG Models, and has been a muse for Marc Jacobs, who has featured her in runway shows, Saint Laurent Paris designer Hedi Slimane, who featured her in pre-fall 2013 ads. She’s also appeared in ads for Jimmy Choo, H&M, CK One, and Tommy Hilfiger.

She’s on Her Way to Becoming a Hollywood A-List Actress

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Ferreira has been acting for quite a while, making appearances in films like Putty Hill and The Green Inferno. This year she’s been casted in films with household-name actors, including Rosy, which co-stars Nat Wolff, and Baby Driver with Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, and Lily James. She’s also set to star in this year’s Elvis & Nixon, which also stars Alex Pettyfer and Michael Shannon. While her music career is going very well, with promising roles, her business in acting might just bring her to A-list status.

Ferreira has been working on her second studio album, titled Masochism, and while there isn’t a set release date yet, she promises to have it ready by summer. In the meantime you can check out the video to her hit single, “You’re Not the One,” from her last album below, and the trailer for Elvis & Nixon. which is now being screened in select theaters.

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