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Top Tech Companies Approve Egg Freezing Reproductive Benefits

Rebbeca Brown

Top tech companies are already known for the good care they take of their employees. Free gourmet meals, unlimited vacations, massages, and casual work environments are only the beginning. But a few of these companies are upping the ante, specifically for female employees.
Facebook and Apple have decided to foot the bill for female employees to cryogenically store their eggs. What does this mean, exactly? Cryogenic storage of ovum allows young women in the employ of these companies to have their mature eggs harvested and stored now, which means that they can pursue their careers without being ruled by their biological clocks, at least in terms of passing on their own genetics. This is a boon to women, who have been subjected to the limitations of their own biology, when it comes to bearing children, in a way that men have not been. Men who wish to have children in their own likeness are rarely prohibited from doing so by age alone, their major obstacle is simply finding a woman young enough to be their partner.
And the age restriction for child-bearing is, relatively speaking, very young for women. Up through retirement age, men are biologically capable of reproduction. For women, however, the stakes are much higher. Women typically go through menopause in their forties, but even in their early thirties, the threat of birth defects and developmental disorders may dissuade many from procreation. What this means is that women in their mid-twenties through their thirties must frequently choose between furthering their careers and their ability to give birth to healthy, viable children. This can be an onerous decision for women who feel they have much to contribute professionally, but don’t want to give up their chance to be mothers; this age represents the best time to become a mother and one of the most productive points in furthering one is career.

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